I've Been Suffering From the Post-Travel Blues...

Post-travel blues

The moment I landed back on Australian soil, I felt a rush of sadness. My time in Nepal was over. No matter how often I closed my eyes and conjured up moments on the road, nothing was going to bring it back.

The weeks that followed had me spiral into a deep sadness. It was a sadness felt at the bottom of my heart. As though I had lost something or someone that meant the world to me. This sadness slowly inched its way up into my throat each morning. So by the time someone asked me how Nepal was, it tried to leap out of me (in form of a complete breakdown). But each time, I gulped it down like the totally in control girl I am, and answered with a big smile on my face, "it was amazing, the best thing I've ever done".

But the sadness got to me.

I started thinking about leaving everything I know behind, for a life on the road. I considered buying a one-way ticket. I considered selling all my things. I considered leaving my boyfriend. I thought about all the cheaper countries I could base myself in, giving me more money and freedom to catch a flight to anywhere, whenever I wanted. I thought about all the other people I'd meet along the way, some of them would probably call themselves 'digital nomads'. Would I be a 'digital nomad'? I went to sleep every night thinking about this new life I could create for myself. It was torture. It made me question the life I had spent years building and whether it was right for me.

And then one morning, three weeks after I had arrived home, I felt back to normal again.

I no longer felt a strong urge to completely uproot my life for the road. I regained my love for building my business. And the sweet comforts of home.

But travel – dammit travel. It's still on my mind.

It's like an addiction I'll never be able to fully satisfy.

Do you feel it too?


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