A summer vacation


Happy New Year!

I have returned from the absolute bliss of what I like to call; ten days, bush, beach, and more consumed tea than you could ever imagine.

During my time away from melbourne, I came to realise a few things: 1, as much as I love gazing up at the night sky, nothing will ever compare to that fantastically surreal crisp sky outside of the city. 2, spending time doing nothing, can actually be incredibly relaxing and dare I say it, enjoyable (gasp). 3, no matter where you are in the world, you'll always sit next to someone you know, on an over crowded beach.

Whether you're from australia or not, you should visit the victorian coastline – it's really sublime. The rolling hills, the smell of the ocean air, the shimmering stars, the endless waterfalls, the kookaburra's singing... there's really something for everyone. For me, I was visiting the boyfriends family, who live in Lorne. This little town is situated on a bay, where the houses scatter along the rolling hills. There's really nothing quite like the sun setting behind the mountains surrounded by ocean.