Weekender: Hobart travel guide

I'm going to be honest with you, Tasmania is full to the brim of lovely people who really care about their heritage and landscape. It's really quite refreshing! It's one of those rare places where you feel completely at home. In fact, within the last four years, I've visited Hobart three times, and that's really saying something considering I'm rather broke...

Okay, Hobart isn't perfect (I mean, what is?). It's lacking in a few aspects (a good public transport system, restaurant and cafe quality isn't quite up to our beloved Melbourne standards, blah blah blah), but where it lacks it makes up for in pure honest beauty. Not only is the city full of beautiful Colonial buildings, and a large stretch of harbour just at your feet, but the Tasmanian landscape is surprisingly not overrun with houses or people. Farms are within an arms reach of the city centre, where the locals love their homegrown produce. You can really feel a genuine community vibe here, that is often hard to come by. This little city loves its land, its produce, and is proud to call itself Tasmanian. And so it bloody-well should!

Alas, here's my Hobart travel guide.

Eat and Drink

Jackman & McRoss – Now I've eaten my fair share of baked delicacies, and I'm telling you, this place is damn fine. A bakery inside a bakery, these guys have been doing it right for nearly a decade now! Located in the stunningly old Battery Point, within a Colonial building with a huge glass front, the natural light hits those baked goods in a way that makes you drool like your childhood dog. Do yourself a favour, and starve yourself for a day, this place is worth hunger pains.

Location: 57 Hampden Rd. Battery Point Price: $$

Raincheck Lounge – Y'know what goes well together, good friends, wine, coffee for the designated drivers, and cheesecake. This bar is pretty damn chilled. You can certainly call it a lounge, but really, it's classy! You've got a young, cool crowd, crammed into a chilled out bar, that also offers $500 bottles of wine with a side of, 'uh, yes I'll have that third slice of cheesecake thank you'.

Location: 392-394 Elizabeth St, North Hobart Price: $$-$$$

Pigeon Hole Cafe – This place is pretty hip... well, for Hobart anyway. It's kind of like stepping into your local Melbourne cafe, but not quite. You can see what vibe they're going for though, and I'll give them that. Either way, their breakfasts are delicious, and hell, I'm a real sucker for seasonal menu's.

Location: 93 Goulburn St, West Hobart Price: $$

Parklane Espresso – You guessed it, coffee! But coffee, in a tiny humble front, with eager friendly staff to greet you. Which is exactly how coffee should be.

Location: Shop 3 Salamanca Square,Hobart Price: $

* Price is out of three signs, $$$.

Things to do


Port Arthur Australian Convict Site –  Boy does this place have history! A penal site from 1833 to 1853, this was a destination for the hardest of convicted British criminals. Port Arthur was said to have same of the strictest security measures in all of the British penal system. But it doesn't end there... in 1996 Port Arthur was the location of a killing spree where 35 people died and 25 wounded. This massacre led to a nation-wide bane of shotguns and rifles (one of many reasons why owning guns should not be legal). You can do history tours around Port Arthur including ghost tours!

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) – If you're a sucker for history, you'll really love this museum! In fact, the building itself has been revamped as it would have been when first built! If you're not already excited by that I don't know what's wrong with you.

Location: Dunn Pl, Hobart


Mt Wellington – Whether it's a sunny or cloudy day, I suggest you make your way up to the top of Mt Wellington. This large mountain overlooks Hobart, and really shows off not only the towns beauty but the Australian landscape too. The first time I made my way to the top, it was the middle of winter, icy cold (as you can imagine), and very cloudy. We found ourselves at the lookout in a thick cloud, unable to see a meter ahead. It was beautiful. Lucky for us, it was windy and the cloud moved on to show us the astonishing views.

Battery Point – Hobart dates back to 1804, where it served as a British penal colony. So, as you can imagine, there's bound to be areas that still house Colonial buildings. One of my favourite areas to get lost in is Battery Point. Here your mind will run wild with thoughts of how one may have lived all those years ago.

Salamanca Place – There's an European feel about Salamanca Place, probably because the good-old Brits built it back when Australia was being colonised. Salamanca Place sits looking over the harbour, consisting of a large row of Colonial sandstone buildings which where once warehouses for the port. Now stands restaurants, galleries, and shops, plenty to see and do.

Drive around the Huon Valley – The Huon Valley is beautiful, and it really gives you an understanding of the Australian landscape, or rather, the landscape we aren't widely recognised for (no, it's not dessert, quite the opposite). You can even go on a tree top walks!

The Great Southern Walk – If you're a hiker, I suggest you look into this 7 day walk. It's so remote, you need to catch a rural flight out!

Visit Bruny Island – Now I'm sure you've heard of Bruny Island, if it's not for their cheese. You can only get to this island by ferry, which runs hourly each day. Be sure not to miss the last one back, or you'll be stranded with no where to stay and nothing to eat. Bruny Island is a beautiful landscape to spend the day amongst it all.


Salamanca Market – It's the market everyone talks about, and it's pretty obviously why! Come visit more than 300 stalls for the food and music, fresh produce, delicious food vendors, your caffeine hit, buskers singing the blues, stroking a harp or strumming a lively folk song. It's full of character and enjoyment in the stunningly picturesque Salamanca Place.

Location: every Saturday from 8:30am to 3pm at Hobart's Salamanca Place

Farm Gate Market – If you're not already market-ed out, you should visit Farm Gate. It's more of a locals market, situated in a carpark that you know, once was not so vacant. Here you're provided with seating to eat your recently purchased fresh produce, undercover (which means the rains fine!) with the very fitting sound of jazz playing softly in the background. This market is full of friendly local farmers, and delicious food venders, it's a fantastic way to start your Sunday morning.

Location: every Sunday on the corner of Melville + Elizabeth Streets from 9am – 1pm


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) – The name pretty much speaks for itself! And really, when you're traveling, you pay as well check out the local museum and art gallery!

Location: Dunn Pl, Hobart

Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) – Do I really need to explain MONA? This not-for-profit art gallery is honestly incredible. It's an absolute experience! It's something that one must experience for themselves because it is remarkable. Just freaking do it! You'll be very happy you did. And while you're at it, catch the ferry over, it adds to the entire Hobart art experience!

Location: 655 Main Road, Berriedale


Moo Brew – Now, once you've finished being amazed by MONA, you must head over to Moo Brew and do a tasting. Even if you don't like beer, I have to say, just do it. Why you ask? Because you're on holiday and trying new things is what makes life unexpectedly amazing!

Location: 655 Main Road, Berriedale

Cadbury Chocolate Factory – Well, I'm not going to lie to you, it's no Willie Wonka movie. You actually don't get to walk around the factory. This may seem disappointing but their reasons are valid, the good old health and safety chestnut. That being said, they've really put effort into letting you experience as much as you can of the factory and history in one room, and really is worth checking out. Best of all, you get to buy cheap chocolate at the end of it. Woo!

Location: 100 Cadbury Rd, Claremont

Cascade Brewery – This building is breathtaking. Seriously. You can also take a look inside, on a guided tour! Here you'll learn about the history, how the beer is made, and you even get three free pots! There's also a beer pulling contest at 2pm each day, where you get, yet another free beer. If beer's not your thing, it's got a nice history, and beautiful gardens to wander around.

Location: 131 Cascade Rd, South Hobart

Have I covered everything? Add your favourite spots in the comments below!