Video: A Winter Roadtrip Around The Glorious Canadian Rockies

This video is officially a year late. And I'm really sorry for that. 

The truth is, after returning from Canada, I felt overwhelmed by all the footage I had captured (not to mention the footage my sister-in-law's captured too). 

But recently, I got a sudden urge to create. I didn't want to just create anything, I had a desire to create this video. To tell you the truth, I'm really glad I waited for the inspiration to come, because this edit is my favourite video I've made so far. 

This video is of my month in Canada, spent with the "in-laws". Well, legally we aren't related, but I've been with Josh for almost a decade now, and we don't plan on getting married anytime soon. And let's be honest, "my boyfriend's family" just doesn't have the same ring to it. 

I fell pretty deeply for Canada. But such a large country and such limited time, meant we only discovered a small portion of it. But what we did see was breathtaking, to say the least. 

Driving along the Rockies I was transported into another world – a world where gentle giants walk amongst us, in form of mountain tops, glaciers, frozen waterfalls and vast landscapes. There were times where the snow was so thick and the fog sat so low that we couldn't see anything but white. It was as though the world we thought we know had suddenly disappeared and all that was left was us and our rather large SUV. 

This one's for you Canada – you and your snow-capped mountains, your untamed landscapes, and your hospitable locals. 


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Video Diary: A Winter Roadtrip Around The Canadian Rockies | Canada, Travel, Mountains