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Does your brand come across as a, well, brand? But what's a badass boss like yourself to do, when there's just so much to do?! Well, that's where I come in. I'm Chelsie and I'm here to seriously step up your content game, so you can get back to building your empire.

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Content Creation

Let's face it, we live in a content driven world. So, as a business owner, you're expected to do it all – photography, blogging, social media, newsletters, not to mention running your business at the same time. Maybe its time you leave it to the content nerds – oh hey, that's me!


Branding and Logo Design

Give your brand some credit. It's so much more than your logo. In fact, I believe branding is the entire experience a customer has with your brand. It’s the words on the screen, the way your website flows, the stories shared on social, the handwritten ‘thank you’ note in the mail. It’s totally and uniquely you.


Website Design and Wordslingin'

Affordable, easy to use websites, that are made with purpose. I like to think of your website as your brands home base. So it should look, feel and speak like your brand would, if it were hosting a wine and cheese pairing night with its friends – unless a games night is more your thing. I'm certainly not picky. 

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So much more than a creative agency.

I want you to think of The Woven as a business partner. It's your designer, your wordsmith, your content creator. I want you to feel like you can always pick up the phone to have a chat. That's why I constantly create free resources and articles for you to devour. I am a content creator after all.


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