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Wordsmithery for the fearless dreamer.

Stand out with brand messaging that's clear and concise, full of passion and personality.


Let me guess, you’ve been busting your badass business butt for a while now and you’re ready to step it up and stand out.

The good news is, you’ve stumbled upon the right place.

Look, we get it, there’s a helluva lot of noise out there. In order to stand out, your brand needs to back itself with consistency, clarity and character.

This means the way you communicate your brand message is so darn important.

That’s where we come in. We’re storytellers, but not in a traditional sense. We help visionary business owners find and share their brand narrative. Backed by methodologies that harness serious results.

Just like you, we’re a small team, hustling to build a business and do more of what we love. (Hint, this is what we love).

So, go grab yourself a cuppa, and take a look around.

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The Woven | Design and copy studio


For self-made bosses tired of working hard for little return.

There comes a time in every badass bosses life where enough is enough. We can help you get some clarity. We can give your brand a voice by uncovering your brand essence—the thing that makes it sparkle. Find yours with our custom-made brand identity, copywriting and content strategy services.

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For overwhelmed dreamers who don’t know where to start.

Often, when you start a business, you have no choice but to DIY your brand. There’s no shame in that. I’m actually all for it! The best part, is you really get to know your brand in the process. Over on the blog, I write about everything I know about building a successful business from scratch.

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For the fearless go-getters ready to get their hands dirty and make some serious noise.

So, I did a thing... I collated everything I know about developing your tone of voice and I put it into a digestible and actionable eguide that’s yours totally free. Sign up to the newsletter to download it and start implementing today.

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The Woven | Design and copy studio

Created with love, just for you. 

Here’s the thing.

This is all for you—the little guy. The one with passion and soul.

I’ve spent time working for the big corps, for government bodies and creative agencies. For the international brands we all know, love and trust. And for the start-ups with huge investment.

But it’s the small, honest brands that make me excited about what I do.