The Woven

Where words and design meet.

Words are the single most important element of your brand. Take a moment, imagine your online world without words. Words, done right, are what connect you with your audience by clearly and concisely explaining your value as a brand. Design is what catches your audiences attention at first glance. They work together like warm butter and Vegemite.

Get to know us.



Here’s how I’m shaking the boat and breaking the status quo.

No. 1 – Finding clarity

Does your brand just feel like a lifeless thing? Like, you don’t really know ‘who’ it’s trying to be? I like to really get to know you and your brand before I start any work. Together we’ll take a deep dive into your brand and ask all the hard questions. We’ll come up for air with some serious clarity around who your brand is.

No. 2 – Content before design

I’ve got a bunch of experience writing content for brands, big, corporate and small. I’m one of those freaks who refused to follow the status quo and do just one thing. I trained myself in design so that I could fully understand the entire branding process from an angle outside of content – and yeah, I ended up loving the skill. So when you work with me, you don’t just get a pretty website, you get content too.

No. 3 – Set up with SEO

Yes, the websites I create are finished with those little details that make all the difference. Since I’ll be writing your website, as well as designing and building it, you’ll know that your content and website are both aligned to be search engine optimised (SEO).

No. 4 – From a users perspective

Everything I do, I do from your users perspective. I’m a big believer of questioning things. I have this vivid memory of being a kid and my nana asking me why I always have to ask why. Well, nana, as annoying as it was back then, look where it’s got me now. Constantly challenging things and always looking at the problem from the users perspective means that purpose drives everything I create.